Interactive audiovisual performance and installation by Eunsu Kang

Photo by Eunsu Kang

Interactive audiovisual performance + installation, 2009

"Welcome to Shin’m : please dive into Shin'm, a lively space that breathes through your movement. You wear the jacket and explore the fluctuating space. It connects you to the ephemeral world of Shin'm. You connect, melt and finally expand yourself through aural dissipation. May you fathom the ocean."

Shin’m has two layered meanings in Korean. Shin and Um, as individual words, mean the body and sound, respectively. As a word Shin-um means moaning and groaning; which I believe to be natural and un-manipulated sounds directly from the body; sounds of growth. Shin’m thus expresses its multi-layered concept; hybridization of body, technology, space towards the posthuman.

Shin'm is a hybridization of performance and installation and a hybridization of body, technology and the sound space. The Shin'm space is an interactive audiovisual environment, exploring the relationship between the body and space with the spatial drawing of sound connecting them. Shin'm starts as an interactive performance. The performer is activated by the audience's touch and brings their collective energy to the Shin'm space. In the Shin'm space, there is an interface hanging in the middle of the room. The performer wears it and connects herself to the space. Drops on the floor and the wall as well as sound in the space follow her movement. Her movement may provoke the drops and change them into a swirling body. Her body, sound, and lights dance, draw and transform themselves together. Shin'm project is an interactive performance that transforms into an interactive installation. Later, participants share the role of a performer in the Shin'm space. Here occurs hybridization of identity as object and subject.

Eunsu Kang: Media Artist, Director
Diana Garcia-Snyder: Choreographer, Premier Performer
Donald Craig: Project Assistant
Bo Choi: Costume Design Assistant

Thanks to

Diana Garcia-Snyder for boundless creativity
Donald Craig for immeasurable efforts and dedication
Bo Choi for wonderful help at the last moment

Lele Barnett, Michelle Kumata, David Chattin-McNichols, Robert Fisher, Vivian Chan
Ji-ae Kim, Sungyeon Park, Siren eun young jung, Ji-hye Ha

Arts Council Korea, Gallery KunstDoc, Wing Luke Asian Museum, Myers School of Art (University of Akron), DXARTS (University of Washington), 911 Media Arts Center

Tivon Rice, Philomene Longpre, Hana Lee, Rich MacDonald, Ross James, Kyung taek Lee, Sang-Hyun Hong, Rachael Orovets and aliceon for generously donating their time and efforts for documentation

and the rest of staff and volunteers of the Wing Luke Asian Museum and Gallery KunstDoc,
also Juan Pampin, my mentors and friends helping with the development of this project.